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Recommendations of the Administrative Conference of the United States

The Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS), an independent agency and advisory committee created in 1968, studied U.S. administrative processes with an eye to recommending improvements to Congress and agencies. From 1968 to 1995, the ACUS issued approximately 200 recommendations, most of which have been at least partially implemented. Congressional funding for ACUS was terminated in 1995. ACUS and its achievements, are described further here.

ACUS's recommendations were published periodically in the Code of Federal Regulations prior to 1995. This site reproduces those recommendations, which are no longer published in the CFR.




305.68-1 Adequate Hearing Facilities (Recommendation No. 68-1).

305.68-2 U.S. Government Organization Manual (Recommendation No. 68-2).

305.68-3 Parallel Table of Statutory Authorities and Rules (2 CFR Ch. I) [FN1] (Recommendation No. 68-3). 

305.68-4 Consumer Bulletin (Recommendation No. 68-4).

305.68-5 Representation of the Poor in Agency Rulemaking of Direct Consequence to Them (Recommendation No. 68-5). 

305.68-6 Delegation of Final Decisional Authority Subject to Discretionary Review by the Agency (Recommendation No. 68-6). 

305.68-7 Elimination of Jurisdictional Amount Requirement in Judicial Review (Recommendation No. 68-7). 

305.68-8 Judicial Review of Interstate Commerce Commission Orders (Recommendation No. 68-8).

305.69-1 Statutory Reform of the Sovereign Immunity Doctrine (Recommendation No. 69-1).

305.69-2 Judicial Enforcement of Orders of the National Labor Relations Board (Recommendation No. 69-2).

305.69-3 Publication of a "Guide to Federal Reporting Requirements" (Recommendation No. 69-3).

305.69-4 Analytical Subject-Indexes to Selected Volumes of the Code of Federal Regulations (Recommendation No. 69-4).

305.69-5 Elimination of Duplicative Hearings in FAA Safety De-certification Cases (Recommendation No. 69-5).

305.69-6 Compilation of Statistics on Administrative Proceedings by Federal Departments and Agencies (Recommendation No. 69-6).

305.69-7 Consideration of Alternatives in Licensing Procedures (Recommendation No. 69-7).

305.69-8 Elimination of Certain Exemptions from the APA Rulemaking Requirements (Recommendation No. 69-8).

305.69-9 Recruitment and Selection of Hearing Examiners; Continuing Training for Government Attorneys and Hearing Examiners; Creation of a Center for Continuing Legal Education in Government (Recommendation No. 69-9).

305.70-1 Parties Defendant (Recommendation No. 70-1).

305.70-2 SEC No-Action Letters Under Section 4 of the Securities Act of 1933 (Recommendation No. 70-2).

305.70-3 Summary Decision in Agency Adjudication (Recommendation No. 70-3).

305.70-4 Discovery in Agency Adjudication (Recommendation No. 70-4).

305.70-5 Practices and Procedures Under the Renegotiation Act of 1951 (Recommendation No. 70-5).

305.71-1 Interlocutory Appeal Procedures (Recommendation No. 71-1).

305.71-2 Principles and Guidelines for Implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (Recommendation No. 71-2).

305.71-3 Articulation of Agency Policies (Recommendation No. 71-3).

305.71-4 Minimum Procedures for Agencies Administering Discretionary Grant Programs (Recommendation 71-4).

305.71-5 Procedure of the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Respect to Change-of-Status Applications (Recommendation No. 71-5).

305.71-6 Public Participation in Administrative Hearings (Recommendation No. 71-6).

305.71-7 Rulemaking on a Record by the Food and Drug Administration (Recommendation No. 71-7).

305.71-8 Modification and Dissolution of Orders and Injunctions (Recommendation No. 71-8).

305.71-9 Enforcement of Standards in Federal Grant-in-Aid Programs (Recommendation No. 71-9).

305.72-1 Broadcast of Agency Proceedings (Recommendation No. 72-1).

305.72-2 Conflict-of-Interest Problems in Dealing with Natural Resources of Indian Tribes (Recommendation No. 72-2). 

305.72-3 Procedures of the United States Board of Parole (Recommendation No. 72-3).

305.72-4 Suspension and Negotiation of Rate Proposals by Federal Regulatory Agencies (Recommendation No. 72-4).

305.72-5 Procedures for the Adoption of Rules of General Applicability (Recommendation No. 72-5).

305.72-6 Civil Money Penalties as a Sanction (Recommendation No. 72-6).

305.72-7 Pre-induction Review of Selective Service Classification Orders and Related Procedural Matters (Recommendation No. 72-7).

305.72-8 Adverse Actions Against Federal Employees (Recommendation No. 72-8).

305.73-1 Adverse Agency Publicity (Recommendation No. 73-1).

305.73-2 Labor Certification of Immigrant Aliens (Recommendation No. 73-2).

305.73-3 Quality Assurance Systems in the Adjudication of Claims of Entitlement to Benefits or Compensation (Recommendation No. 73-3).

305.73-4 Administration of the Antidumping Law by the Department of the Treasury (Recommendation No. 73-4).

305.73-5 Elimination of the "Military or Foreign Affairs Function" Exemption From APA Rulemaking Requirements (Recommendation No. 73-5).

305.73-6 Procedures for Resolution of Environmental Issues in Licensing Proceedings (Recommendation No. 73-6).

305.74-1 Subpena Power in Formal Rulemaking and Formal Adjudication (Recommendation No. 74-1).

305.74-2 Procedures for Discretionary Distribution of Federal Assistance (Recommendation No. 74-2).

305.74-3 Procedures of the Department of the Interior with Respect to Mining Claims on Public Lands (Recommendation No. 74-3).

305.74-4 Preenforcement Judicial Review of Rules of General Applicability (Recommendation No. 74-4).

305.75-1 Licensing Decisions of the Federal Banking Agencies (Recommendation No. 75-1).

305.75-2 Affirmative Action for Equal Opportunity in Nonconstruction Employment (Recommendation No. 75-2).

305.75-3 The Choice of Forum for Judicial Review of Administrative Action (Recommendation No. 75-3).

305.75-4 Procedures to Ensure Compliance by Federal Facilities with Environmental Quality Standards (Recommendation No. 75-4).

305.75-5 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: The Audit and Settlement Processes (Recommendation No. 75-5).

305.75-6 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: Collection of Delinquent Taxes (Recommendation No. 75-6).

305.75-7 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: Civil Penalties (Recommendation No. 75-7).

305.75-8 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: Tax Return Confidentiality (Recommendation No. 75-8).

305.75-9 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: Taxpayer Services and Complaints (Recommendation No. 75-9).

305.75-10 Internal Revenue Service Procedures: The IRS Summons Power (Recommendation No. 75-10).

305.76-1 Exception from Mandatory Retirement for Certain Presidential Appointees (Recommendation No. 76-1).

305.76-2 Strengthening the Informational and Notice-Giving Functions of the "Federal Register" (Recommendation No. 76-2).

305.76-3 Procedures in Addition to Notice and the Opportunity for Comment in Informal Rulemaking (Recommendation No. 76-3).

305.76-4 Judicial Review Under the Clean Air Act and Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Recommendation No. 76-4).

305.76-5 Interpretive Rules of General Applicability and Statements of General Policy (Recommendation 76-5).

305.77-1 Legislative Veto of Administrative Regulations (Recommendation No. 77- 1).

305.77-2 Judicial Review of Customs Service Actions (Recommendation No. 77-2).

305.77-3 Ex parte Communications in Informal Rulemaking Proceedings (Recommendation No. 77-3).

305.78-1 Reduction of Delay in Ratemaking Cases (Recommendation No. 78-1).

305.78-2 Procedures for Determining Social Security Disability Claims (Recommendation No. 78-2).

305.78-3 Time Limits on Agency Actions (Recommendation No. 78-3).

305.78-4 Federal agency interaction with private standard-setting organizations in health and safety regulation (Recommendation No. 78-4).

305.79-1 Hybrid Rulemaking Procedures of the Federal Trade Commission (Recommendation No. 79-1).

305.79-2 Disputes Respecting Federal-State Agreements for Administration of the Supplemental Security Income Program (Recommendation No. 79-2).

305.79-3 Agency Assessment and Mitigation of Civil Money Penalties (Recommendation No. 79-3).

305.79-4 Public Disclosure Concerning the use of Cost-Benefit and Similar Analyses in Regulation (Recommendation No. 79-4).

305.79-5 Hybrid Rulemaking Procedures of the Federal Trade Commission-- Administration of the Program to Reimburse Participants' Expenses (Recommendation No. 79-5).

305.79-6 Elimination of the Presumption of Validity of Agency Rules and Regulations in Judicial Review, as Exemplified by the Bumpers Amendment (Recommendation No. 79-6).

305.79-7 Appropriate Restrictions on Participation by a Former Agency Official in Matters Involving the Agency (Recommendation No. 79-7).

305.80-1 Trade Regulation Rulemaking Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty-Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act (Recommendation No. 80-1).

305.80-2 Enforcement of Petroleum Price Regulations (Recommendation No. 80-2).

305.80-3 Interpretation and Implementation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act(Recommendation No. 80-3).

305.80-4 Decisional Officials' Participation In Rulemaking Proceedings (Recommendation No. 80-4).

305.80-5 Eliminating or Simplifying the "Race to the Courthouse" in Appeals from Agency Action (Recommendation No. 80-5).

305.80-6 Intragovernmental Communications in Informal Rulemaking Proceedings (Recommendation No. 80-6).

305.81-1 Procedures for Assessing and Collecting Freedom of Information Act fees (Recommendation No. 81-1).

305.81-2 Current Versions of the Bumpers Amendment (Recommendation No. 81-2).

305.82-1 Exemption (b)(4) of the Freedom of Information Act (Recommendation No. 82-1).

305.82-2 Resolving Disputes Under Federal Grant Programs (Recommendation No. 82-2).

305.82-3 Federal Venue Provisions Applicable to Suits Against the Government (Recommendation No. 82-3).

305.82-4 Procedures for Negotiating Proposed Regulations (Recommendation No. 82-4).

305.82-5 Federal Regulation of Cancer-causing Chemicals (Recommendation No. 82-5).

305.82-6 Federal Officials' Liability for Constitutional Violations (Recommendation No. 82-6).

305.82-7 Judicial Review of Rules in Enforcement Proceedings (Recommendation No. 82-7).

305.83-1 The Certification Requirement in the Contract Disputes Act (Recommendation No. 83-1).

305.83-2 The "Good Cause" Exemption from APA Rulemaking Requirements (Recommendation No. 83-2).

305.83-3 Agency Structures for Review of Decisions of Presiding Officers under the Administrative Procedure Act (Recommendation No. 83-3).

305.83-4 The Use of the Freedom of Information Act for Discovery Purposes (Recommendation No. 83-4). 

305.84-1 Public Regulation of Siting of Industrial Development Projects (Recommendation No. 84-1).

305.84-2 Procedures for Product Recalls (Recommendation No. 84-2).

305.84-3 Improvements in the Administration of the Government in the Sunshine Act (Recommendation No. 84-3). 

305.84-4 Negotiated Cleanup of Hazardous Waste Sites Under CERCLA (Recommendation No. 84-4). 

305.84-5 Preemption of State Regulation by Federal Agencies (Recommendation No. 84-5).

305.84-6 Disclosure of Confidential Information Under Protective Order in International Trade Commission Proceedings (Recommendation No. 84-6).

305.84-7 Administrative Settlement of Tort and Other Monetary Claims Against the Government (Recommendation No. 84-7). 

305.85-1 Legislative Preclusion of cost/benefit analysis (Recommendation No. 85-1).

305.85-2 Agency procedures for performing regulatory analysis of rules (Recommendation No. 85-2). 

305.85-3 Coordination of public and private enforcement of environmental laws (Recommendation No. 85-3). 

305.85-4 Administrative Review in Immigration Proceedings (Recommendation No. 85-4).

305.85-5 Procedures for Negotiating Proposed Regulations (Recommendation No. 85-5).

305.86-1 Nonlawyer Assistance and Representation (Recommendation No. 86-1).

305.86-2 Use of Federal Rules of Evidence in Federal Agency Adjudications (Recommendation No. 86-2). 

305.86-3 Agencies' Use of Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution (Recommendation No. 86-3).

305.86-4 The Split-Enforcement Model for Agency Adjudication (Recommendation No. 86-4).

305.86-5 Medicare Appeals (Recommendation No. 86-5).

305.86-6 Petitions for Rulemaking (Recommendation No. 86-6).

305.86-7 Case Management as a Tool for Improving Agency Adjudication (Recommendation No. 86-7).

305.86-8 Acquiring the Services of "Neutrals" for Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution (Recommendation No. 86-8).

305.87-1 Priority setting and management of rulemaking by the Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (Recommendation No. 87-1).

305.87-2 Federal protection of private sector health and safety whistleblowers (Recommendation No. 87-2).

305.87-3 Agency hiring of private attorneys (Recommendation No. 87-3).

305.87-4 User fees (Recommendation No. 87-4).

305.87-5 Arbitration in Federal programs (Recommendation No. 87-5).

305.87-6 State-Level Determinations in Social Security disability cases.

305.87-7 A New Role for the Social Security Appeals Council.

305.87-8 National coverage determinations under the Medicare Program.

305.87-9 Dispute Procedures in Federal Debt Collection.

305.87-10 Regulation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

305.87-11 Alternatives for Resolving Government Contract Disputes.

305.87-12 Adjudication practices and procedures of the Federal Bank Regulatory Agencies (Recommendation No. 87-12). 

305.88-1 Presidential Transition Workers' Code of Ethical Conduct (Recommendation No. 88-1).

305.88-2 Federal Government Indemnification of Government Contractors (Recommendation No. 88-2).

305.88-3 The Federal Reserve Board's Handling of Applications Under the Bank Holding Company Act (Recommendation No. 88-3).

305.88-4 Deferred Taxation for Conflict-of-Interest Divestitures (Recommendation No. 88-4).

305.88-5 Agency Use of Settlement Judges (Recommendation No. 88-5).

305.88-6 Judicial Review of Preliminary Challenges to Agency Action (Recommendation No. 88-6).

305.88-7 Valuation of Human Life in Regulatory Decisionmaking (Recommendation No. 88-7).

305.88-8 Resolution of Claims Against Savings Receiverships (Recommendation No. 88-8).

305.88-9 Presidential review of agency rulemaking (Recommendation No. 88-9).

305.88-10 Federal agency use of computers in acquiring and releasing information (Recommendation No. 88-10).

305.88-11 Encouraging settlements by protecting mediator confidentiality (Recommendation No. 88-11).

305.89-1 Peer Review and Sanctions in the Medicare Program (Recommendation No. 89-1).

305.89-2 Contracting Officers' Management of Disputes (Recommendation No. 89- 2).

305.89-3 Conflict-of-interest requirements for Federal Advisory Committees (Recommendation No. 89-3).

305.89-4 Asylum Adjudication Procedures (Recommendation No. 89-4).

305.89-5 Achieving Judicial Acceptance of Agency Statutory Interpretations (Recommendation No. 89-5).

305.89-6 Public Financial Disclosure by Executive Branch Officials (Recommendation No. 89-6).

305.89-7 Federal Regulation of Biotechnology (Recommendation No. 89-7).

305.89-8 Agency Practices and Procedures for the Indexing and Public Availability of Adjudicatory Decisions (Recommendation No. 89-8).

305.89-9 Processing and Review of Visa Denials (Recommendation No. 89-9).

305.89-10 Improved Use of Medical Personnel in Social Security Disability determinations (Recommendation No. 89-10). 

305.90-1 Civil Money Penalties for Federal Aviation Violations (Recommendation No. 90-1).

305.90-2 The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies (Recommendation No. 90-2).

305.90-3 Use of Risk Communication by Regulatory Agencies in Protecting Health, Safety and the Environment (Recommendation No. 90-3).

305.90-4 Social Security Disability Program Appeals Process: Supplementary recommendation (Recommendation No. 90-4).

305.90-5 Federal Agency Electronic Records Management and Archives (Recommendation No. 90-5).

305.90-6 Use of Simplified Proceedings in Enforcement Actions Before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission (Recommendation No. 90-6).

305.90-7 Administrative responses to Congressional Demands for Sensitive information (Recommendation No. 90-7).

305.90-8 Rulemaking and Policymaking in the Medicaid Program (Recommendation No. 90-8).

305.91-1 Federal Agency Cooperation with Foreign Government Regulators (Recommendation No. 91-1).

305.91-2 Fair Administrative Procedure and Judicial Review in Commerce Department Export Control Proceedings (Recommendation No. 91-2).

305.91-3 The Social Security Representative Payee Program (Recommendation No. 91-3).

305.91-4 The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (Recommendation No. 91-4).

305.91-5 Facilitating the Use of Rulemaking by the National Labor Relations Board (Recommendation No. 91-5).

305.91-6 Improving the Supervision of the Safety and Soundness of Government- Sponsored Enterprises (Recommendation No. 91-6).

305.91-7 Implementation of Farmer-Lender Mediation by the Farmers Home Administration (Recommendation No. 91-7).

305.91-8 Adjudication of Civil Penalties under the Federal Aviation Act (Recommendation No. 91-8).

305.91-9 Specialized Review of Administrative Action (Recommendation No. 91-9).

305.91-10 Administrative Procedures Used in Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Cases (Recommendation No. 91-10).

305.92-1 The procedural and practice rule exemption from the APA notice-and-comment rulemaking requirements (Recommendation No. 92-1).

305.92-2 Agency policy statements (Recommendation No. 92-2).

305.92-3 Enforcement procedures under the Fair Housing Act (Recommendation No. 92-3).

305.92-4 Coordination of migrant and seasonal farmworker service programs (Recommendation No. 92-4).

305.92-5 Streamlining attorney's fee litigation under the Equal Access to Justice Act (Recommendation No. 92-5).

305.92-6 Implementation of the Noise Control Act (Recommendation No. 92-6).

305.92-7 The Federal Administrative Judiciary (Recommendation No. 92-7).

305.92-8 Administration of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention's Formula Grant Program (Recommendation No. 92-8).

305.92-9. De minimis settlements under Superfund (Recommendation No. 92-9).

305.93-1 Use of APA Formal Procedures in Civil Money Penalty Proceedings (Recommendation No. 93-1).

305.93-2 Administrative and Judicial Review of Prompt Corrective Action Decisions by the Federal Banking Regulators (Recommendation No. 93-2).

305.93-3 Peer Review in the Award of Discretionary Grants (Recommendation No. 93-3).

305.93-4 Improving the Environment for Agency Rulemaking (Recommendation No. 93-4).

305.93-5 Procedures for Regulation of Pesticides (Recommendation No. 93-5).

305.94-1 Use of Audited Self-Regulation as a Regulatory Technique (Recommendation No. 94-1).

305.94-2 Reforming the Government's Procedure for Civil Forfeiture (Recommendation No. 94-2).

305.95-1 Application and Modifications of FOIA Exemption 8 (Recommendation No. 95-1).

305.95-2 Debarment and Suspension from Federal Programs (Recommendation No. 95-2).

305.95-3 Review of Existing Agency Regulations (Recommendation 95-3).

305.95-4 Procedures for Noncontroversial and Expedited Rulemaking (Recommendation 95-4).

305.95-5 Government Contract Bid Protests (Recommendation 95-5).

305.95-6 ADR Confidentiality and the Freedom of Information Act (Recommendation 95-6).

305.95-7 Use of Mediation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Recommendation 95-7).

Authority: 5 U.S.C. 591-596.

SOURCE: 38 FR 19782, July 23, 1973; 57 FR 61760, 61768, Dec. 29, 1992; 58 FR 54271, Oct. 21, 1993; 59 FR 6213, Feb. 10, 1994, unless otherwise noted.

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