State Seal Issue Survey

Amendments, General Assembly, 1870,

to be submitted to the people, separately:

Article I: State Officers, Salaries

Article II: Cabinet Elections

Article III: Judicial Districts

Article IV: Commissioner of Lands & Immigration

Article V: Repeal of Article VI, Section 13

Article VI: Repeal of Article XVI, Sections 3, 5, 27

Article VII: Terms of Supreme Court

Article VIII: Circuit Judges may be called to Supreme Court

Article IX: Repeal of Article XVI, Section 9



Proposing Amendments to the State Constitution.

Resolved by the Senate and Assembly of the State of Florida, That the following amendments to the Constitution of said State be, and the same are hereby, proposed and agreed to, "and shall be numbered respectively, and submitted to the people separately:"


The salary of the Governor of the State shall be three thousand five hundred dollars per annum; that of each Justice of the Supreme Court shall be three thousand dollars; that of each Judge of the Circuit Courts shall be two thousand five hundred dollars; that of each Cabinet officer shall be two thousand dollars; that of the Lieutenant Governor shall be five hundred dollars, and he shall receive the same mileage as members of the Legislature. The pay of members of the Legislature shall be a per diem, to be fixed by law, for each day's actual attendance, and in addition thereto ten cents per mile for traveling expenses for each mile from their respective places of residence to the Capital, estimated by the shortest thoroughfare, and the same to return. All other officers of the State shall be paid by fees or per diem, fixed by law. No Legislature shall increase its own pay.


The several members of the Cabinet of administrative officers shall be elected by the people.


The Sixth and Seventh Judicial Districts are hereby abolished, and the limits of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Judicial Districts shall be defined by law.


The offices of Surveyor General and Commissioner of Immigration are hereby consolidated under the name of Commissioner of Lands and Immigration.


The thirteenth section [Section 13] of the Sixth Article [Article VI] of the Constitution is hereby abrogated.


The third, fifth, and twenty-seventh sections [Sections 3, 5 and 27] of the Sixteenth Article [Article XVI] of the Constitution are hereby abrogated.


The number of terms of the Supreme Court, and the time of holding the same, shall be fixed by law.


The Legislature shall have power to prescribe regulations for calling into the Supreme Court a judge of the circuit court, to hear and determine any matter pending before the court, in the place of any justice thereof who shall be disqualified or disabled in such case from interest or other cause.


That the following portion of Section 9, Article XVI, of the Constitution, is hereby abrogated:

"Any officer when impeached by the Assembly shall be deemed under arrest, and shall be disqualified from performing any of the duties of his office until acquitted by the Senate; but any officer so impeached and in arrest may demand his trial by the Senate within one year from the date of his impeachment."

Adopted February 12, 1870.

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