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Amendment, Election of 3-9-76:

1975 SJR 1061 (Article VII, Section 9) {Adopted}

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"Amendment Providing Limited Taxing Power for Florida Regional

Water Control Districts," by Clement H. Donovan.

Civic Information Series, No. 58, Public Administration Clearing Service,

University of Florida. 1976.





A JOINT RESOLUTION proposing an amendment to Section 9, Article VII of the State Constitution relating to local ad valorem taxes.

Be it Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

That the following amendment to Section 9 of Article VII of the State Constitution is hereby agreed to and shall be submitted to the electors of this state for approval or rejection at the general election to be held in November 197 6:




Section 9. Local Taxes.

(a) Counties, school districts, and municipalities shall, and special districts may, be authorized by law to levy ad valorem taxes and may be authorized by general law to levy other taxes, for their respective purposes, except ad valore m taxes on intangible personal property and taxes prohibited by this constitution.

(b) Ad valorem taxes, exclusive of taxes levied for the payment of bonds and taxes levied for periods not longer than two years when authorized by vote of the electors who are the owners of freeholds therein not wholly exempt from taxat ion, shall not be levied in excess of the following millages upon the assessed value of real estate and tangible personal property: for all county purposes, ten mills; for all municipal purposes, ten mills; for all school purposes, ten mills; for water ma nagement purposes for the northwest portion of the state lying west of the line between ranges two and three east, 0.05 mill; for water management purposes for the remaining portions of the state, 1.0 mill; and for all other special districts a millage au thorized by law approved by vote of the electors who are owners of freeholds therein not wholly exempt from taxation. A county furnishing municipal services may, to the extent authorized by law, levy additional taxes within the limits fixed for municipal purposes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following statement be placed on the ballot:



Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution authorizing and limiting local taxes for water management purposes to not more than one (1) mill.

Filed in Office Secretary of State June 13, 1975.

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